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Global Creative Design Director, Apparel & Accessories
(Mn’s & Wn’s - Team 20) 
London, UK
Build of creative strategy and seasonal inspirational - Inspiring and directing design, material, trim and colour teams. Fully responsible from creative idea to in-store product launch.
Full restructuring of product design process and creative process HTT (Cross-functionally)
Managing & coaching designers all levels, career and improvement goal planning. Responsible for mainline and outlet collections, consisting of 600 Products per season.
Fully budget responsible. Extensive traveling for trend and marked research, presenting for upper management and global sales force around the globe.


Wn’s Team Head - Senior design, Apparel - Footwear - Accessories
(Wn’s - Team 4) Nuremberg - Germany / Portland, Oregon US
Managing and coaching accessorie, footwear and assistant designers.
Designing collections of  80-100 styles per season (Collaboration collection responsible: Missy Elliot Collab)
Advanced from designer (German HQ) to Women’s Team head (Sr. Design - US HQ)
Mainline responsibility  Build of seasonal design direction and product look & feel together with German HQ design director, in order to align aesthetic and create product cohesiveness.


Designer, Apparel
(Wn’s & Mn’s) Nuremberg - Germany
Designing collections of 60 styles per season
Collaboration collection responsible: Ferrari Lifestyle / Creatively pulling together aesthetics HTT.
Expertise within designing both basics and sports fashion collections.
Strong cross-functional communicator with close work relationship with development & product management.
Designing to cost expertise.


Creative Head, Apparel - Accessories
(Mn’s & Wn’s - Team 6) Paris, France
Building creative direction & inspiration, facilitating clear visual path for HTT product teams.
Co-orporating with upper management on creative strategies, to improve processes within HTT design teams.
Managing and coaching design & product management team.
Presenting creative and collections to board and upper management.
Fully creatively responsible from creative idea to in-store launch - 250 products per season.
Timed Contract, with clear goal to build creative strategy applying on all categories, pulling together aesthetics of product to match re-organized brand.


Head of Design, Apparel - Beauty - Furniture and Home Accessories
(Wn’s - Team 3) Copenhagen - DK
Directing & managing the creative process for all categories and creating seasonal inspirational direction and strategies. Extensive trend and regional marked research, pulling together all categories to create 1 common language (Apparel, Beauty, Furniture). 
Managing and coaching design, development and production teams. Responsible for creating and managing full product creation calendar, ensuring cohesive and strategic flow on all processes and product collections.


Creative responsible & Lead Design, Apparel - Accessories
(Wn’s) Freelance, Ibiza - Spain
Fully responsible for all creative content from initial seasonal direction to advertising campaigns.
Planning of collection content, matching creative stories, which are carried through to final selling stories.
Designing full collections for all categories, working closely together with factories ensuring technology advancement are incorporated into collections.


Designer, Apparel
(Wn’s) Copenhagen, DK
Designing full women’s collection. 75-100 Styles per season
Direct development and productions responsibility as  part of workload (Technical expert)
Sourcing materials, trims etc.
Close working relationship with in-house pattern-maker, making sure all styles was delivered with a tailored fit and attention to the smaller details 
Styling and leading photoshoots of look-books + Advertising
Fully design responsible from creation to in-store


Designer, Apparel
(Wn’s & Mn’s) Copenhagen - DK
Designing collections of 120 styles per season (Core & Fashion)
Direct development and productions responsibility (Technical expert)
Sourcing materials, trims and all relevant elements for collection.
Styling and leading photoshoots of look-books + Advertising.
Fully design responsible from creative build to product in-store.